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Ellensburg High School Keyclub

District and International Key Club

District and International Key Club
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What's going on outside of Ellensburg?
The newest District Convention Information is now avalible! Check out the the District site. Link below!

~District Convention~
Last years theme was "True Colors of Service." Everyone who went had a blast making new friends, hearing great ideas, and just having fun!
Don't know what the District Convention is?
It is a great opportunity to meet kids your own age. And the great thing is you all have something in common...Key Club! You will meet kids from Alaska, Canada, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and California. There are classes, activities, rallys, and not to mention the Govener's Ball. Another big part is voting for the next years district board.

To find out more of what's going on in the Pacific Northwest vistit the website. Just click here!

~International Convention~
The 2006 International Convention was BOSTON. Check out the link below for more details.

Find out more about what International does at:

Go to the District and International sites to learn more!